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Year 3 Topics

Why are Humans Animals Too?

What are the similarities between humans and animals in the way we eat and the way we move?  Why can’t snails jump?  Pupils explore skeletal structures and muscles and what keeps them healthy.

Set in Stone?

This Unit explores the lives and legacy of early Britons and settlers, including those who lived during the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages. Pupils will have the opportunity to consider how and why the ways of life adopted by prehistoric people slowly changed over time.

Shake, Rock and Roll

This Unit explores rocks and earthquakes and how and where they occur.  The pupils will find out about fossils and diamonds, lava and coal and everything in between!

Art on Your Doorstep

This is an Art based Unit looking at famous local artists and sculptors. The pupils will find out who the famous artists are in their town and how they have contributed to the diverse artistic history of this country.

Shadow Dancers

In this Unit pupils will explore different light sources and how they create reflections, shadows and patterns. They will look at how the position of a country in the world affects how much light it receives and find out about phenomena such as the ‘Northern Lights’ and the ‘Midnight Sun’

What's The Attraction

In this Unit pupils explore a range of magnetic materials and their uses including compasses, which they use to explore the school grounds.  They create maps and use grid references to help them complete a treasure hunt.

Around the World in 20 Days

This Unit encourages planning a travel challenge, collecting information and artefacts and presenting as a holiday package.

From Source to Sea

In this geography based Unit, pupils will follow the course of a river from its source to its destination. They will look at how the land alongside the river is used and what might be found there.

What Did The Romans Do For Us?

Sewage systems; the calendar; paved roads; turnips and carrots are all things that were introduced to Britain by the Romans. But where did they come from and why were they here?