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Year 4 Topics

Where does my food go?

This Unit is an exploration of how our bodies use the food we eat, how we use our teeth and how our bodies deal with waste.

Were the Dark Ages dark?

This Unit explores the Viking Invasion and how this affected our land.

Batteries Included

Pupils become electrical wizards who have the power to make lights work!

Dragons: Fact or Fiction?

This Unit looks at the mythology surrounding Dragons around the world. Why are there so many stories about them and why do they fascinate us so much?

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

In this Unit pupils will study the history of crime and punishment. They will find out about some of Great Britain’s most notorious criminals and how the police force was set up to catch them!

Sounding Off

This Unit explores sounds and music across different subject areas. Pupils will answer questions such as how are different sounds made? How do our ears work? Do animals and humans hear in the same way?

Amazing Amazon

As well as studying the river, the land surrounding it and the people who populate it, pupils will also study some of the more unusual aspects of this amazing river.

It’s a Small World

This Unit will focus on how different individuals and groups of people have moved to a local area and brought about positive change.

A Place for Everything

This Unit focuses on grouping animals and plants and the impact of their habitat and the environment.