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Year 6 Topics

Who is taking control?

Pupils explore the idea of control through electricity and robot machines.  We look to the future when machines take control!

What’s happening now?

This unit is built around current affairs and focuses on a recent natural disaster either in the UK or abroad.  Pupils will look at the geographical causes of the disaster and the impact on the landscape and people.

A Voyage of Discovery

In this Unit pupils will explore how adaptation can lead to evolution. Pupils will go on an imaginary voyage, with opportunities for writing letters, explanations, note taking, recounts and discussions.

Who’s the Mummy?

In this Unit the children will find out about Ancient Egyptian culture including gods and goddesses, burial and mummification.

The Battle of Britain – Bombs, Battles and Bravery

This Unit will look at the 4 months in 1940 when The Battle of Britain was fought. Pupils will find out about the roles of women in this battle, the development and use of RADAR and how London survived the Blitz.

Angry Earth

In this Unit pupils will find out all about volcanoes and what causes them. They will try to find out why people still live near to something so dangerous.

A Time to Shine

This is a dedicated revision Unit with accompanying resources. During this unit pupils will also look at the history of British pop music and how it has influenced music across the globe.

You Choose!

This Unit explores the impact  of diet, exercise, drugs and lifestyle on our bodies and looks at the human circulatory system, considering how we, and other animals use water and nutrients to help us function.

You're Hired!

This is the Inspire Enterprise Unit which will give the pupils an opportunity to create and market their own products.