Technology and eSafeguarding

Welcome to our Technology Pages

It's important to stay safe online both inside and outside of school. Every child in school must abide by the Accepable Use policy which states:

Every time you log on to a computer in school, you are agreeing to follow these rules:
  • I will always be ‘Safe and Savvy’
  • I will only use appropriate websites
  • I will report any inappropriate use to an adult immediately
  • If any pictures or words come on to the screen that make me feel uncomfortable I will turn off the screen and tell an adult.

  • I will care for equipment and tell an adult if any equipment is broken or not working
  • If a device doesn’t seem to work properly I will tell an adult straight away
  • I will only use other people’s equipment with their permission

We Do Not Tolerate Cyber Bullying—If you think you are a victim of cyber bullying you must tell an adult straight away.

Have Fun.

Stay Safe.

You can find a selection of eSafeguarding videos on Illogan School's YouTube Channel.

Here are some useful websites to help your child stay E-Safe at home;

To find out more about Google Safety Tools follow these links:

If you want to use safe, child friendly search engines at home, here a some you could try,

simply click on any of the above links and add them to your favourites.