Maths lessons at Illogan School follow the school’s ethos of ABCD- Aspire, Believe, Create and Dazzle and we strive for every child to fulfil their potential.

Our aim is for our pupils to be fluent with number facts and equipped with a deep understanding of maths that allows them to tackle problems and reason with confidence and resilience. We aim to achieve this through a vigorous program of practise, problem solving and reasoning challenges that are fun, engaging and interactive. Maths is a transferable skill and can happen both inside and outside the classroom and across the curriculum.

We aim to do this though consistently good teaching which incorporates the most up to date ideas and methods, rich questioning and lively discussion. Our teaching is supported by the use of technology, regular and meaningful assessments and a wide range of resources that supports children to move from concrete concepts to more abstract ideas.

We use the National Curriculum 2014 alongside a range of resources which include the White Rose planning blocks. This is further supported by the maths Hub ‘Teaching for Mastery’ resources, Maths No Problem’ textbooks and workbooks and NRich. Teachers are expected to amend planning to make it appropriately challenging for their pupils, allowing them to experience a range of problems that deepen their understanding of mathematical concepts and ideas.


A list of useful Mathematics based websites for parents and Pupils: – Useful website for KS1. Also good for times table practise, Hit the button. - follow the links to the correct Key stage: Years 5 and 6 are KS2, Years 7 and 8 are KS3 – this website is very useful for revision - Useful website for KS2 pupils to practice some key skills in maths - Useful website with hundreds of links to other websites – most resources are for KS2 with some for KS3 - Maths games website aimed at mostly KS2 pupils – pupils can log in as a guest or create an account - Maths games website for pupils with links to lots of other sister websites such as - Free online maths games resources for KS2 pupils

NIKKI Lawry,
Feb 22, 2018, 1:30 AM