School Uniform

We are pleased to have a school uniform. We believe it establishes our identity, encourages children to have pride in their school and their own appearance.It is simple and practical.

Girls Uniform:
Grey Skirt/Pinafore Dress or Trousers
Red/White Check Dress

Boys Uniform:
Grey/Black Trousers
Grey/Black Shorts

Both Boys and Girls:
White Shirt
Red Polo Shirt
Red School Sweatshirt
Red Jumper/Pullover/Cardigan
Tie (Optional)
Summer Cap

Black Shoes
Black/Brown Leather Sandals

PE Kit:
Red/White Polo Shirt
Black Shorts
Plimsolls or Trainers

All clothes, PE Kit and personal equipment must be labelled
Jewellery may not be worn.For safety reasons only stud earings may be worn in school.Could all long hair be tied back and Children must not wear any make up or nail varnish.

On Sale In The School Office:
Sweatshirts        £8.30
Cardigans           £10.00
Polo Shirts         £6.50
Ties                   £2.50
Summer Caps    £3.50 
Book Bags         £4.40
PE Bags             £3.50