Illogan School’s curriculum is designed with the needs of our pupils in mind.  We recognise that all children need to develop learning skills that will equip them for lifelong learning.  We aim to meet the requirements of the National Curriculum, build on previous learning and ensure that links are made between key areas of learning.  Central to our curriculum intent is the recognition that reading and communication are vital skills for all of our children to master to enable them to access all areas of the curriculum.  Our intent is that every child, irrespective of their background or starting point, receives an entitlement to a broad and balanced curriculum that meets their needs for spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

We aim to give Illogan pupils an enriched curriculum beyond the classroom, with many memorable experiences.  Illogan pupils are encouraged to see themselves as part of a strong community, to be proud of their Cornish heritage and also as British citizens and inhabitants of our diverse world, with all the responsibilities that are entailed. All children are encouraged to develop personal attributes and to take on responsibilities to impact positively on their community and beyond. Outdoor learning is embedded into our curriculum design to make the most of our incredible setting.

Our motto “Aspire, Believe, Create, Dazzle” is central to our curriculum design.

By the time Illogan School pupils transition to secondary education, we aim that they will;

  • be justly proud of the full range of their achievements at Illogan School
  • have a range of happy memories from the opportunities they have been given
  • possess a love of learning that will last their lifetime and enable them to fulfil their potential
  • have a range of skills to enable them to fully benefit from secondary curriculum and beyond
  • have worked and played with children with a diverse range of needs and backgrounds
  • have developed a range of interpersonal skills that enable them to make meaningful relationships
  • be young people who are equipped to impact positively on the community and world they are growing up in