Design Technology provides our children with a vital opportunity to be creative. We believe that all pupils should be supported to develop their skills of design by exploring the design and made world in which they live. A vital part of our Design Technology teaching involves encouraging the children to recognise the impact and importance that design has on their day to day lives and how they too can be creative and innovative themselves, to become the designers of the future. Design Technology provides our pupils with the opportunity to work and think both as individuals and as part of a team, which helps them develop and learn while demonstrating our key values – Aspire, Believe, Create, Dazzle.

Our aims for Design Technology:

  • To learn about every day products, considering their design and impact
  • To learn essential practical life skills such as sewing and cooking
  • To consider the purpose of different materials and tools
  • To develop their problem solving skills by tackling real life design issues
  • To design and make products for a specific purpose and then evaluate their effectiveness
  • To be able to name and discuss the work of renowned designers
  • To understand how design has changed and been developed over time
  • To develop and support the comprehension of relevant terminology and vocabulary related to Design Technology

How do we teach Design Technology at Illogan?

At Illogan we follow the guidance of the National Curriculum, where Design Technology is a compulsory subject in Key Stage 1 and 2, with Statutory Programmes of Study. Where possible, these are linked to the children’s project work in either Geography or History, if a significant link can be made.

Below is a whole school overview of our Design Technology curriculum:

Below is our whole school long term plan for Design Technology:

Design Technology websites to explore:    The content of Food a Fact of Life is carefully tailored to the teaching curriculum for 5- to 11- year olds. The site provides interactive projects and information sheets for children to help them discover more about the food they eat and you can download classroom and lesson resources including PowerPoint presentations, posters and activity cards Key Stage One Design Technology Key Stage Two Design Technology

Our Design Technology subject lead is Mrs J Bright (Deputy Head).