“We are not makers of history. We are made by history.” – Martin Luther King

History is a valued part of the curriculum, aiming to stimulate the children’s interest, curiosity and understanding about the past by bringing it to life. We aim to extend children’s knowledge of key historic events and periods through engaging and enriching lessons which help to deepen our pupil’s understanding. We believe that young historians are able to reason, think critically, and develop perspective and judgement. We aim to equip pupils with opportunities to Achieve, Believe, Create and Dazzle.

History is a key focus during the Autumn and Summer term for each year group at Illogan. Key aspects and concepts, such as chronology, cause and effect, similarity and difference, significance and hierarchy, are revisited throughout all projects and are developed over time. All projects also develop historical skills based on evidence and historical enquiry. The choice of historical periods follows the guidance set out in the national curriculum, with specific details relating to significant events and individuals chosen to present a rich and diverse account of British and world history. Where there are opportunities for making meaningful connections with other projects, history projects are sequenced accordingly. Below are our key drivers for our History curriculum:

Each new project introduces children to a range of clear and identified vocabulary embedded within opportunities to talk, read and write – communicating their learning effectively.  Through carefully sequenced and skilfully adapted units of learning, all pupils are included and have the opportunity for success.

We follow the National Curriculum, adding and enhancing learning opportunities where they arise to maximise the development of cultural capital. Our history curriculum aims to create well informed individuals that have a sound understanding of their local heritage and the legacies of those around them, including locally significant individuals. Building on these firm foundations, children will then begin to learn about the significant events, individuals and civilisations that have influenced us today not only nationally, but internationally across the globe. These learning experiences will ensure that our children develop a rich, culturally diverse knowledge of history that will help shape their futures.

An overview of our History curriculum can be viewed below: