Illogan School Religious Education Curriculum

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At Illogan School we believe our RE curriculum reflects and enables pupils to learn about their local community in addition to the rich and diverse community across the UK and the world. We have used the Cornwall Agreed Syllabus as a bases for the creation of our curriculum.

In Key Stage 1 we introduce children to the basics of Christianity, Judaism and Islam and encourage them to think about what it means for someone to believe in a God and how someone might be influenced by their religious beliefs. Story often forms the foundation of studies, considering how key messages and beliefs are introduced and developed for followers.

In Key Stage 2 we build on those foundations to explore some of the ethical issues around religion including religious responses to current issues as well as taking a deeper dive into the diversity and meaning at the heart of religious practices. Across Key Stage 2 we further develop pupil’s understanding of Christianity, Islam and Judaism in addition to introducing Hinduism and Humanism.

Our RE curriculum ensures that:

  • Pupils are encouraged to be curious about faith, asking and answering questions to build their understanding of how faith guides peoples’ behaviour and responsibilities.
  • Pupils discuss their thoughts and learn the importance of communication in developing a shared understanding and addressing differences of opinion.
  • Pupils build an understanding of traditions within the British culture, considering how this impacts people of all faiths or none.
  • Pupils build a cultural capital, learning through stories and experiences.

RE is taught weekly as a discrete subject with links made to other areas of learning as appropriate and is enhanced by our collective worship programme.

Teaching strategies are fully inclusive for all pupils, ensuring that through identification of key learning pupils are able to build knowledge and understanding.