Hello and welcome to all of the children joining us at Illogan School in September 2020. We are very much looking forward to meeting and working with you all very soon and hope that you’re looking forward to getting to know us, the school and all of your new school friends.

Getting to know the staff
As we’re currently unable to say hello in person, the staff that will work closely with the children joining us in September have recorded a video message introducing themselves. We hope that this will help your child to put a face to our names.

Miss Jose

Mrs August

Getting to know the school
In the hope of helping you and your child to become familiar with our school building, we’ve enlisted the help of two of our fabulous EYFS children to virtually show you around!

Transition Phone Calls
Many thanks to those of you that have already been in contact and arranged a date and time for your child’s transition phone call. These phone calls will be invaluable both for us and for you and your child. They will help us get to know each other and will support your child to make a smooth transition from home to school. Above all else, we want your child to feel happy, safe and secure when they begin their journey at Illogan School and the better we know your child, the easier this will be.

School Uniform
All children receive a free school sweatshirt or cardigan when you return the Application for Free School Meals and Pupil Premium form so please return this form even if you don’t believe that you are eligible. Unfortunately, due to current restrictions, we’re unable to let children try on our school sweatshirts and cardigans. As a result, we’ve measured the sweatshirts and cardigans for you to measure against your child’s clothes to help you choose the correct size.