At Illogan School children from EYFS to Year 2 learn to read through Read Write Inc.

The children learn to read by saying the sounds that the letters make. For example we say mmmm instead of the letter name ‘M’ (em). The children then start to blend these letter sounds together to read words.

During Read Write Inc, the children practice their reading through exciting and interesting books which are closely matched to their reading ability. This enables them to gain confidence and progress their reading.

Here is a quick taster of the RWI Speed Sounds

We are always happy to help support reading with you child at home. If you would like any more information about supporting your child read, please come in and chat to any of your teachers who will be more than happy to help.

We have also put some helpful links below which give some more information about Read Write Inc. and phonics.

Read Write Inc. for Parents

Some useful words to have a go at reading with your child. 

Please see below for some fun phonics games that the children can use to help practice their reading.

Teach Your Monster to Read- a free phonics game for the PC

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