Year 5 Class Page

A very warm welcome to the Year 5 Class Page.  Half way through the school year and everyone in year 5 is still working incredibly hard!

Whole Class Reading

The Girl of Ink and Stars

Year 5 are thoroughly enjoying our new whole class text – The Girl of Ink and Stars. It is a magnificent book with many twists and turns, lots of exciting action and some very mysterious goings-on! Will Isabella find out the truth about the Island? Will the Governor’s daughter remain safe and sound? Will Miss La ever not be grumpy!? We can’t wait to find out!

The Girl of Ink and Stars by Kiran Millwood Hargrave is a magical book about friendship, adventures, myths and courage. When Lupe disappears into the Forgotten Territories, thirteen-year-old Isabella volunteers to help finding her. … But the journey is not easy and myths about the island become true.

Maths – Fractions

This half term, Year 5 will continue to solve problems involving fractions. We have learnt a great deal about equivalent fractions and are now tackling problems that involve lots of addition, subtraction and converting of fractions between mixed numbers, improper and proper fractions.

Non-Fiction Writing – Newspaper Reports

Year 5 will spend the beginning of Spring 2 learning all about Newspapers and their language and structural features. We will eventually write our own class newspaper in which we will inform other pupils all about the terrible events that happened in our whole class text, Holes.

Below is a recent story map and newspaper report we enjoyed as a class all about The Boy in the Dress by David Walliams.

Our Newspaper Report News Story Map
An example of the Newspaper Reports we hope to create.

Science – Forces

This half term we will be learning all about Forces. Below is a link to a knowledge organiser which the children will use to support them in class and will bring home to share with their parents/carers.

This knowledge organiser contains vocabulary and key facts that the children may find interesting and may wish to discuss in upcoming science lessons.

We look forward to telling you all about the investigations we carry out this half term.


In the Spring Term we will be reading and enjoying the text Holes, by Louis Sachar. We will develop our comprehension skills whilst answering a variety of different question types in whole class reading VIPER sessions and will be writing our own adaptations of the Rags to Riches story.

Below is a copy of our original story map which we have been using to help us learn the story by heart. We look forward to telling you the story in our upcoming class assembly!

Below are Knowledge Organisers on our current History Topic (Anglo Saxons) and Science Topic (Properties and Changes in Materials).

In recent science lessons, we have been conducting formal investigations into which materials we predict make the best thermal insulators. We collected materials (newspaper, plastic, rubber balloons, tin foil, cotton socks (clean!)), wrapped these around paper cups and added boiling water. Then, using a stopwatch and working brilliantly in mature and supportive groups, we recorded the temperature of the water in each cup after every minute for the next ten minutes! We had a lot of fun and we can not wait to complete more investigations in this exciting science topic!

Home-School books and homework:

The home-school book is incredibly important for communication and, as such, we do ask that it is brought into school every day.  Children place their home-school books in a designated place in the classroom and they will be checked every day by a member of our classroom staff. Home-school books are a great way to let us know that you, or the children are really proud of something that they have achieved, either in or outside of school, that they wish to share with the class or the larger school community. They can also be used to let us know if you or your child have found something difficult with regard to homework or class based activities.

The children’s homework pages will be written in their home-school book each week and we also encourage all parents to hear their child read (or at least check that they have read by asking a few questions about their book) every day.  Each time you know they have read, simply write what page they are now on and sign the book on the correct day.  Once a child has read and collected 5 signatures to verify this, they will receive a raffle ticket and will be put into a prize draw in which they could win a book of their choice from a huge variety of fiction and non-fiction!


Year 5 are quickly becoming very independent mathematicians and we are addressing their personal maths requirements through these websites alongside our usual daily lessons and catch up sessions. The children thoroughly enjoy these websites and have been provided with logins (glued into the front cover of their home-school books where possible) so that they can access them at home, increase their score, change their avatars, compete against members of their class and the wider school community, and much more. If you have any problems accessing any of the websites below, please do hesitate to let a member of classroom staff know and we will do all we can to help.

My Maths. This website allows children to access lessons with matching homework tasks.


Times Table Rockstars.  A game which supports children in developing their rapid recall of multiplication facts! Children love competing against peers and earn coins which they can spend on altering the appearance of their Rock Legend avatars! Ask the children about their progress and why not challenge them to a game yourself!


Spelling Shed – Can you become the Queen Bee and rule the hive? In this game, children practise their class spelling list and then compete in games to see who can accumulate the most honey pots and become the latest buzz about school!

  • Children must learn various spelling rules, suffixes and prefixes throughout the year as well as consolidating their understanding of what has been taught through previous years.  
  • The children are tested on their spellings each Friday.
  • Spellings are updated weekly on Spelling Shed (mentioned above).
  • The government has also created a list of ‘must learn’ words for Years 5 and 6 combined.  Click the link below to have a look: 

PE and Sport:

PE in year 5 takes place on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. Tuesday will be an indoor lesson taking place in the hall and Thursday lessons will be outdoor lessons and will take place on the playground or the school field.

Please ensure that your children are provided with appropriate and adequate PE kit. Illogan PE kit consists of black shorts, white t-shirts and plimsoles or trainers. For outdoor lessons, you may also wish to provide your children with jogging bottoms for lessons carried out in colder weather.

Children with longer hair will be expected to have it tied back in a ponytail and personal items, such as watches, will need to be removed to avoid causing injury.

Year 5 – Autumn Term: