Additional, targeted support and provisionSpecialist, individualised support and provisionThe views and opinions of all pupils are valued.Student voice is represented in all aspects of school through;

  • Pupil Conferencing;
  • Questionnaires and Surveys;
  • Weekly Newsletter
  • Student Council
  • Bubble Time (including issues raised by the Worry Box available in each classroom)
Whole school approaches
The universal offer to all children and YP.

Additional provision is developed in light of pupil voice.

Children with SEND are included in decisions about the provision made for them. (e.g. reward systems, criteria to develop, contracts of behaviour)

Individual support is responsive to the views of the pupil.

Pupil’s views are an integral part of SEN reviews through Structured Conversations and Annual Reviews

Some pupils with SEND are involved with creating their own Communication Passports

Pupils are supported in person centred target and outcome setting.

Individual plans are shared and developed with pupils as appropriate.