This half term we have been learning all about humans in Science. We have looked into our 5 senses and the parts of our body. How many parts of the body can you name on the Science knowledge mat?

We have also been learning all about the history of our school. We have compared new and old uniform, resources and even prepared questions for our visitors! Our visitors are going to tell us all about what life was like in school before 2000.

In English we have been learning the story ‘The Smartest Giant in Town’. George the Giant wrote us a letter asking if we could write stories for his story telling party so now we are writing our very own books!

It is important that we use our sounds to spell words, but some words try to trick us and can’t be sounded out. Here is a list of all of them. Choose 3 or 4 words a week to learn how to read and spell at home.