Welcome to Year 3 Here you will be able to get an insight into the learning in Year 3 and find useful information about the school day.

Autumn 2

This half-term we are looking at animals including humans. In science lessons, we are learning about skeletons and muscles and how they help us and other animals move. We are also learning about different food groups and understanding how we need different nutrients to stay healthy.

Story Writing- The Manor House

We have just finished learning the story of ‘The Manor House’. Your child should be an expert at re-telling this story now. Use the story map below to see if your child can tell story:

We are cooking this half-term and will be thinking about what makes a healthy, balanced meal. We will be creating dishes that have a range of food groups that (we hope) will be both nutritious and delicious!

Over the past couple of weeks we have cooked healthy pizzas, couscous salads and rice salads. The children chose ingredients from all food groups and worked as a team to create delicious additions to their repertoire of dishes.

Autumn 1

This half-term we are looking at how Britain changed from The Stone Age to The Iron Age. In science we will be learning about how rocks, fossils and soil is made and explore how we classify rocks.

Download our knowledge organiser and homework grid to learn more about the key learning for this half-term:

Chysauster Ancient Village-Autumn 1

This week the class spent a morning exploring the ancient village of Chysauster. We imagined what life would have been like for the small community during the Iron Age and how that changed during the Romano-British period.

The children applied their knowledge of prehistory to try and imagine what would have been in the rooms of the ancient ruins.

Penlee House– Autumn 1

During our trip to Penlee House we were tested on our knowledge of the periods of pre-history, wore Neolithic tunics and looked at ancient artefacts that have been discovered in the area by archaeologists. In the afternoon we made copper coin badges and coil pottery.


We follow the White Rose Scheme of Work for maths.  This term we will be focusing on:

Place Value – Understanding the value of digits, ordering and comparing numbers.

Addition and Subtraction – Informal and formal methods.

Times Tables  – Learning specifically our 2,5,10 and 3 and 4’s this term.

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This half-term our writing has been inspired by Moon Man written by Tom Ungerer. We have enjoyed writing poetry, diaries and news reports!

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