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Welcome to the year 4 page.

We are very delighted to be working with your children this year and have lots of exciting learning opportunities and activities coming up. Mornings are focussed on reading, writing and maths, followed by SPAG, spellings or additional maths practice. PE is on Tuesdays (outdoors weather permitting) and it is advised that children bring kit and leave it until the half term holidays. It is essential children change for health and safety reasons.

If you ever have any questions about school or your child’s learning please come in to have a chat, we are always very happy to help.

We start the day with maths. This year we will be mastering place value, addition and subtraction, perimeter, multiplication and division, fractions, decimals, money, time, statistics and geometry. There will be weekly homework focusing on the current maths topic. However, times table practice throughout the year is essential. Children can practice their tables at home with our new and exciting game, Times Tables Rockstars

During Guided Reading, we will be focusing on a one book per half term and exploring the text by answering questions based on a PEE paragraph. Children are expected to answer comprehension based questions by pointing, using evidence and then explaining their answer.

In addition to whole class Guided Reading, we use Accelerated Reader daily to focus children on regular reading. When a child completes a book they are expected to answer quiz questions on line about the book they have read. Children access this at home by using the following link Accelerated Reader

Literacy lesson offer a wealth of opportunity to write in a variety of different styles and features, from short stories to instruction writing. Where-ever possible, writing will be linked to our main learning topic for the half term.

A main feature of our writing is SPaG (Spelling, Puncuation and Grammar). There will be weekly spellings and daily focus on puntuation and grammer to aid our writing skills. 

Spellings are sent out on a Monday for a test on the Friday..

Spelling Games

We have weekly RE lessons comprising of Christianity and Sikhism. 

We are learning about the origins of the fascinating  Sikh religion, its follwers, symbols and festivals. You can follow this link to find resources related to this topic.

BBC Bitesize

As part of our Christianity topic we will be focusing on Christian Life, including festivals.

Science is also taught weekly, and our topics will include Famous Scientists, Electricty, Changing States, Living Things and Their Habitats and Animals Including Humans.

Every other Monday, we will be taking our learning outside. Throughout the year we will be looking at animal habitats, musical nature, nature art, and design your own woodland. It is advisable that wellies are bought into school and left until the following half term holiday.

Our topic for the Spring Second Half Term is Sikhism. During the half term children will learn all about this new and fascinating religion. Taught along side this will be the Easter Story and it’s importance to Christians. Maths this half term will be focusing on fractions, and during this half term it will be important for children to complete their weekly homework. Parents and carers should talk to the class teacher to support learning at home if needed.

Our topic for the Spring First Half term is Living Things and Their Habbitats. We will be visiting the outdoor classroom to look at the habbitat and predict what will change over time. During the topic we will be able to classify living things, understand changes to our environment and understand how some species become endangered. We will also have a visit from Mark’s Ark, when we can see a python, scorpion, lizard and barn owl, and discuss how these animals adapt to survive in their changing habbitats.For more information about our topic, please see our Topic Web.

During the Autumn Second Half Term, to link with our Electricty science topic, the children designed, make and evaluated their own battery operated Christmas light decoration, using items from the outdoor learning lessons.

In October, we celebrated harvest, and accompanied the rest of the school to the church for songs and thanksgiving. Back in class, we wrote harvest poems.

Kindness is key in our year 4 learning family. We watched this video and talked about how one act of kindess can spread to others, like ripples in a lake. This video is called life vest – so we made our own life vests with kind thoughts about our learning family. Life Vest Video

We have been learning about Remembrance, and to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the end of World War One, we made a diplay with our poppies.